The Irrelevant Show

A weekly romp of original, biting, ridiculous, outrageous and ultimately hilarious sketch comedy from a crack team in Edmonton – featuring Neil as head writer and performer.

CBC Edmonton’s half-hour sketch comedy program The Irrelevant Show will return to the national airwaves in the fall of 2010.

Listen to Episode 1

Or download all other episodes, available as podcasts.

The Irrelevant Show is the winner of the 2009 Canadian Comedy Award for Best Radio Clip, and a medal at the prestigious New York Festivals for Best Regularly Scheduled comedy Program.

One Response to “The Irrelevant Show”

  1. Hello Neil – yes Marion with those grease pencils sitting at the rafters for years doodling away at Loose Moose. Tonight for some reason I thought it might be fun to find Ingrid von Darl – I produced a giant portrait of the Danish mask specialist …thought it would be fun to send her a thumbnail.

    Couldn’t find her. Surfing around on Wikipedia there was a very long list of actors who participated in Loose Moose. And your name was missing. Jeez Neil – put it in would you?

    And if you write me back I will attempt to send you a shot of the unfinished canvas that I began years ago but succumbed to water on the lung and never completed. I was trying out that dreadful paint from Windsor and Newton – alkyd. Boy – nothing to use for a large painting project. The medium was impossibly sticky.

    Your Improv scene was bathed in nightlight … there were only two actors moving around the carpet – you and Frank Totino competing with each other in what I called a detective scene.

    My little work from that Sunday evening inspired the bigger painting – which now scares my few visitors. I live on the Sunshine Coast in Gibsons – where weather is mild.

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